Thursday, February 26, 2015

We recently toured the Taylor Guitar factory in El Cajon, CA this month. Here are some highlights:

Where it all starts: Wood acclimating to San Diego's climate in sheds outside.

If it looks like your top was burned on the side, it was a
a laser cutter that did it. Taylor used laser in many

The rosette department-small and efficient. Three people
work here gluing designs in your top.

Computer controlled polisher.

Neck blocks with that distinctive Taylor bolt system
await installation.

CNC machine cuts eight necks perfectly.

Our tour guide explains how braces are clamped to the
top and backs of guitar with a vacuum jig.

The Taylor designed 'automatic' side bending machines.

The Taylor body form-28lbs each. Our guide commented
that the guys are 'really strong' in this dept. given that
they heft these side forms around many times a day!

Noise cancellation overhead.

Chances are high that this woman installed the frets on
your guitar. She is a consummate professional with an
eye for dead-on accuracy.

Many bridges being glued on at once in the final
assembly department.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We're pleased to offer these fantastic, hand painted pickguards by local artist, Adriana Rabago! She also paints full guitars including acoustics and electrics by commission.