Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Yamaha has always been a worldwide import brand but to us their 'true' roots harken back to their early days with the renowned 'red label' guitars reading 'Nippon Gakki', designating that Yamaha guitars were made in Japan.

Over the years Yamaha has maintained a smaller production house in Japan designated for the production of these meticulously crafted instruments featuring exacting manufacturing techniques with advanced materials processing. Check out the L-series guitars page for more: 


From Yamaha: 

'This model offers a bit more of a vintage look. Ornaments have been left off to reduce weight. Among the "L"Series guitars, this simple design offers even greater response.
      •  Jumbo Body and Vintage Look
      •  Solid Engelman Spruce Top Treated with A.R.E.
      •  Solid Rosewood Back & Sides
      •  Mahogany and Padauk 5ply Neck

The vintage style brass tuners found on all #26 model guitars present these instruments with a classic look.'

WMC is proud to have one the nicest Yamaha acoustic guitars on the market in stock! 

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