Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What Went Right?

We're often flummoxed by inexpensive, almost disposable student guitars that perform flawlessly and sound great. The 1/2-size Harmony just in for a repair above is a bit rough around the edges but every note plays without buzz and its intonation far exceeds the demands placed upon it. 

Although your guitar may appear similar you may not be as lucky-many of these types of student guitars made years ago often suffer from collapsed and or warped necks, lifting (unglued) bridges and buzzing frets not mention intonation issues. Although many parents, grandparents, or friends mean well, instruments for young players need to be both functioning and resilient. Just because the guitar looks like a guitar and it 'just needs a string', it may be unusable or never play in tune or let alone be accurately tuned up. We never charge for assessments and would be happy to assist you in encouraging a young musician's interest with an instrument that's an asset, not an impediment. 

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