Tuesday, April 17, 2018


We're inundated with mandolins from $99-$695! Brands from Savannah, Rogue, Kentucky, Loar, and Eastman for every style and budget-lots of 'A-Models' and one 'F' to explore here. Plus, you're buying an instrument that has been professionally set up for easy, beginner friendly action as well as the option of a 'pro' setup with different strings if desired. We never take an instrument out of the box and just hang it up for sale!

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We currently have two Gretsch 'Jim Dandy' models in stock but they rarely stick around long at < $170!
Also pictured to the left of our Eastman parlor guitar, a Gretsch G9531 'Style 3'
If you have't played one of these mid-priced 'Roots Series' Gretsch guitars you're in for a surprise: classic sound and looks with modern feel-astounding value!

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