Monday, July 30, 2018

We often hear a customer praise us with the phrase, 'I'm glad you're here.' or 'It's good to have a local music shop!'

Although this blog is not our soap box, we did want to address some of the dynamics that are involved in the running of a small retail music store amidst this ever changing sea of commerce. 

Your support keeps us alive. Where and how you spend your money and the frequency in which you patronize businesses matters. Choices are limitless these days with the online goliaths offering everything we sell and more so how can we make a difference? Service, follow-through after the sale and support.
How can you make a difference? Here are few things that can facilitate and sustain our growth in brief terms:

We are not just a showroom. 
Whether you're here to actually make a purchase or pass the time understand it's a balancing act for us to prioritize paying customers and visitors to the shop. 
It's a kind of nebulous zone to exist in without seeming 'dismissive' of browsers and the curious, offering our time and knowledge that may assist in purchases made elsewhere.

Revolving stock.
We haven't got the same facilities as the 'big guys' to simply return items to stock or make exchanges. Our stock situation is reflective of the local demand and new trends in the market that we are obliged to support (we are literally smaller and like many businesses, we can only hold so much stock). 'Free returns' is not something we can do but we have many times in the past accommodated a customer's needs depending on the situation. Please bear in mind we may take a loss on our part to make a customer happy in the name of good business and other times it's putting out a 'fire'.

A hub.
Due to our support and interest in the local scene we have built a network of connections for all sorts of musicians that we're so pleased to be a part of. This is what being a part of the community is all about-being 'local'. Over the years we have donated freely of our services and time to great local causes and institutions. Good things happen when people meet face to face in this world of online connections. We're here for the same reasons many of you are here for-the love of the arts and what can be expressed through it! Call it 'energy' or 'vibe', no matter how you interpret it it's what weaves it all together. If you like having us here in this brick and mortar location, keep in mind it takes support on both sides to foster and grow the music and musicians of tomorrow. 

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