Friday, September 14, 2018

Ukes Taking 'Flight' / Silent Steel / 'It's electric!'

We are excited to have the excellent 'Flight' brand Ukes back in stock!
Distributed by the Kremona Guitar company so you know
quality is assured. The zebra wood soprano sounds as good
as it looks!

 Yamaha's Silent Guitar is back in steel string format followed
by a Kremona M15 steel string acoustic-a first for us
having steel string Kremona's. Like their nylon
string counterparts (the Fiesta model behind it) they 
deliver loads of tone and a fastidious build quality at an affordable

No, it's not time to slip on those dancin' shoes to 'slide' in but...
We are often asked if we have any electrics and these two fit 
the bill nicely: 
Ibanez Gio active 4-string bass with gig bag
and an Austin 'Strat (c) copy, both used and
adjusted/restrung/multi-point serviced for
your musical pleasure.

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