Thursday, March 29, 2012

What the repair shop does:

Many of you ask what we do for repair at WMC, so here's a brief overview. 

* Setups including neck and action adjustments
* Restringing of guitars, basses, violins, etc. 
* Fishman acoustic pickup installations. Electric guitar pickup installations and repairs.
* Acoustic guitar bridge regluing
* Electric guitar customizations including bridge and gear replacements, pick-guard changes.
* Nut and saddle replacements

What we DON'T do here but can refer you to some of the best luthiers and repair people around:

* Fretwork & refretting
* Finish repair and refinishing
* Neck resets 
* Restorations
* Amplifiers and PA systems, speakers, mics, etc.
* Violin family strings
* Woodwinds and brass

Here are some of our favorite professionals for your extended guitar shop needs:

* Paul Neri Lutherie - Clinton, CT  (860) 669-3351
* Noll Guitars - Cranston, RI  (401) 275-0880

* Cove Electronics - Newport, RI  (401) 847-3870 (audio electronics, amp, etc)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shhhh! Silent Guitars! 

Yamaha makes them and we have trouble keeping them on the wall, but they're here now. Offered in both nylon and steel string versions with built-in effects, headphone jacks, and gig bag included.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Many of our repeat customers bring their instruments into the shop for service knowing something about our expertise that new customers may not: we are thorough and treat your instrument like one of our own.
When we restring your guitar we run a series of inspections and adjustments, including:

* Check neck angle for playability and warping
* Tighten and adjust tuning machines for vibrations and tone
* Check for loose strap buttons and on acoustics, loose braces
* Clean fretboard and frets / oil fretboard 
* Clean and polish entire instrument
* Check playability and action
* Evaluate and inform you of any present or impending issues

All of this for under $40 in most cases.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Swedish-made Goya G-10. All solid maple and spruce. Very nice 'folk' guitar from the 60's, original chipboard case included.

A rare item for us: Gibson Custom Shop J-165 Rosewood. 

Purple mandolin…No, it's not a Prince authorized model from the 80's, but it is a budget-minded instrument with some style. Galveston brand, gold hardware, laminate construction, no case: $125. As always, this mando has been given a serious going-over on our workbench including: truss-rod adjustment, bridge and nut action adjusted, fretboard oiled, gears tensioned and lubed, entire instrument cleaned and polished.

The pics make it appear more blue, but depending on your perception, it seems like indigo to us…


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some new things just in for your perusal… *UPDATE*-All of these instruments have been SOLD.

90's Martin DC-16R GTE
Epiphone Les Paul 'Ultra'
'82 Fernandes Telecaster

We sold this Martin to the original owner about ten years ago. It shows some wear and tear but those many hours of strumming and thumping has imbued it with a bold, commanding tone.  

As always, we've made all adjustments and minor repairs necessary. With it's built-in Fishman preamp, this Martin is ready for all of your performances big and small.

This is the second Epiphone 'Ultra' we've had in the shop and have been impressed with the build quality of these 'mid-range' Les Pauls. WIth the Fishman 'acoustic' pickup and blender controls (on the back plate), it makes for a highly versatile instrument. Features like a set-neck, figured tone woods and gold plated hardware makes for an exceptional value in a used electric guitar.

*This guitar is no longer for sale 3/28/12*

Fernandes became part of Fender Japan's production in the early 1980's, creating some of the most faithful 'replica' guitars and basses of the 50's classics. Their house-branded instruments are no 
exception, including this '82 Tele that has ALL of the treble bite and 'muddy' tone you'd expect from an early Fender costing thousands more. *SOLD*


           '56 Silvertone 'Thin Twin' *SOLD*

Epiphone 'Masterbuilt' *SOLD*

'90's Jackson 'Dinky' *SOLD*

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome to our blog…

We hope to establish a familiar presence here along with more timely updates regarding the shop's inventory, events, and general goings on. So please bookmark us and check back often, you never know what's going to come through the door.