Monday, February 29, 2016

Lots of New and Old...

There's a little something for everyone around the shop lately...
 Gretsch's G9470 'Clarophone' Banjo Ukes are back in stock!

 Used Taylor NS32ce just in.

 Dean 'Performer ECBK' electric/acoustic used

Gretsch 'Jim Dandy' G9500
24" scale with modern build 
quality at an affordable price!
These don't stick around long and we
have two on hand in this color...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Every now and then an old friend visits the shop...

...and his name is...
John Mayer (in guitar form)!
Martin OMJM

It's nice to see happy customers and their guitars after a few months of playing and enjoying their purchases!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trust Your Ears

When a customer has trouble deciding which guitar is right for them we often set up a 'blind test' by playing each guitar behind their back. By removing all the visuals and creating a physical space between the customer and their potential guitar they can focus on how the guitar sounds in the room directed at them rather than under their ears.
Despite the pretty inlays and figured tone-woods guitars are wooden 
vessels for transporting sound from your head, heart, fingers and ears. It's an intimate relationship that develops over time which is the reason for removing some of your other senses when it comes time to assess your new instrument. Oftentimes we find the new guitar pleases our ears as well as theirs. 

Here are some ideas to think about:

Not all tone-woods are the same, despite your past experiences
a big rosewood guitar may have less volume than a mid-size mahogany 
or maple guitar.

Whether your technique is based on strumming or fingerstyle, 
looking into your new guitar with the preconceived notion that
the big dreadnought is only for strumming and flat-picking 
could greatly limit your artistic choices. The reverse holds 
true for that small 12-fret you might restrict to your finger-
style arrangements.

Aesthetics aside, ultimately you want your new guitar to please 
your ears and reflect your ideas with the same tonal qualities. 
Conversely, you may wish to replicate that special musician's 
sound by finding an identical model or modern recreation. With
recording consoles and tens of thousands of dollar's worth of 
effects and mastering coloring what you hear (or compressing
it in your downloadable media), you must have faith in what 
your ears tell you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Once in a while an esthetically pleasing and rich sounding instrument graces our wall...
...and it's a big one! On consignment this week a used Taylor 918ce. A jumbo sized guitar with balanced rosewood tone and Taylor's classic 'Cindy' inlays abound!