Monday, September 30, 2019

Special Order Kala Tenor Uke

A long scale tenor (Tenor with a baritone neck basically) we ordered for a customer just recently. These are still available and can order one for you or keep an eye on our wall for one in the future.

Specifications from Kala:
Our Super Tenor models come with a longer neck and have a longer body and a wider lower bout than our traditional Tenor ukulele. The longer neck has a 19” scale length and better fits the wider lower bout and longer body of the Super Tenor. The Super Tenor has a deeper and warmer sound and resonance due to its increased lower bout size.


A Blue Lion dulcimer made from Black Walnut with a Redwood top. Geared tuners and some innovative features like a fret where the strings pass over the endblock make this a true 'luthier' instrument. We don't see these often so take a look the next time you're in town! *SOLD*

Monday, September 16, 2019


It's time to fess up...we have some 'sleepers' in the shop that we've been holding out on. 
From the top LEFT row:

Taylor 322E acoustic electric. Deep, rich, full sound more like guitars
larger and deeper than this guitar's size. It handles strumming
and fingerpicking better than most 'OM' sized guitars. 
All solid Blackwood back and sides, solid Mahogany top.

Yamaha 820S with WMC installed K&K pickup. 
We've still got four of these kicking around from a
mistaken 'over stock' last year. One day we went through 
all five and picked this one as the best in volume, tone and
overall balance, so we used it as a K&K pickup demo guitar.
Solid Spruce top, laminate Mahogany back and sides

Art & Lutherie 'Roadhouse Tennessee' is not just another 
parlor guitar with nice looks, it's got a Canadian made pedigree
and the projection to back it up. Many people are surprised by
this guitar when they first pluck it. Not just a blues/folk machine.
Solid Spruce top, laminated Canadian 'Wild Cherry' back and sides.

Yamaha 820S might be easily overlooked if not for it's striking
black looks and sweet mahogany (laminate) balanced tone,
solid Spruce top. Something about this Yamaha's Martinesque feel 
keeps us coming back to it, especially our 
Yamaha fan guitar tech!

Taylor 114E came in first but it was a tight race between 
this guitar and its cutaway sibling right next to it. Walnut
'layered' (laminate) back and sides with a solid Spruce top 
makes for a guitar that speaks with almost the same presence 
as a rosewood guitar with less  muddiness coupled with 
a touch of mahogany's presence-
hard to sum up in words. 

It's best to let these guitars
speak for themselves.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Yes, we do get custom ordered Taylors from time to time like this beautiful 224ce-K DLX Koa in a left hand build.
The lucky new owner was gifted this instrument!
We don't mind it hanging around until he stops by very soon.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Yamaha's Are Back!


C40 'Gigmaker' Classical packs