Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter's call has been answered by staying indoors!

Winter's call has been answered by staying indoors and playing guitar!
The DRS-1 is THE lowest priced full-size Martin you can 
get your hands on anywhere (yes, including US despite 
what you see online, we are priced AT OR BELOW the 'big' guys).

If hangin' out in the basement is your thing then the GS MINI BASS (left) just might do the trick. Back in stock and ready for the stocking.

If you're seeing twice as many DREADNOUGHT JUNIORS in the pic on the right,
it's because we have TWO of the exact same model. Know any twins? Families with feuding siblings that you need to make peace for? How about just having the same guitar in the office as you do at home? 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New Martin, Taylor & Alvarez

We just got in the brand new D-28 Martin with all of the 'vintage' refinements you've been waiting for in their iconic dreadnaught-playing is believing!

Also a great used Alvarez RM-20 SM, solid mahogany topped 'folk sized' acoustic that came from our shop originally and is in excellent condition.

**T.Swift just dropped by today and may stay for a while! (in Baby Taylor guitar form that is.)  This version is electric so we think it looks 'Gorgeous'!