Monday, January 29, 2018

Not to be missed this Wednesday...


Some say 'Once in a blue moon' but we've got two this year!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

It's been a long while since one of these came to the shop:
A Balalaika! Used, in excellent condition with gig bag ready for you to fully embrace this Siberian weather! 

If you've been looking online for an electric bass deal but unsure of the 
quality, condition, and deal you're going to get, check out our used
Ibanez Gio 4-string:
Buying from us means you get the deal you were looking for online with
the added value of our instruments being fully inspected, cleaned, adjusted, and
restrung. Although the Gio models are a fairly common, lower end instrument
by Ibanez you'll find this bass to feel and sound a notch above with a solid, 
stable maple neck, good tone with 3-way switching and overall clean
appearance. If you need a recording, second, or first bass, this is 
one to consider at well under $200!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Please deliver us from all these banjos!

We're only half-joking here-we've got a baker's dozen of banjos in stock at WMC! A collection was recently dropped off for consignment with us of Deerings from about the mid-2000's, including a Black Diamond 5-string resonator, a Boston model in the same spec, one Goodtime resonatior with deluxe Deering gig bag as well as our usual assortment of Deering, Goodtime and Savanna banjos. Don't forget we have the odd 4-string tenor and banjo ukes in stock, too.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Look what just came in from the cold

Kremona's S65C GG 'Green Globe' series classical guitar featuring sustainable woods like the striking purpleheart bridge, fretboard and maple neck. 
More specs from Kremona: Solid red cedar top; African mahogany back & sides; Matte finish; Maple neck; Purple heart fingerboard and bridge; Wood binding and rosette; Nickel machines with pearl buttons; 650 mm scale length; 52 mm neck width at nut; Kremona CGGB-BK gig bag.


A few Islander Ukuleles have just shedded their snowy boxes and are acclimating nicely 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


As the mercury drops further than we expect this early winter, keep in mind the moisture in the air-AND YOUR GUITAR-dries up! It's not enough to simply humidify your instrument when you're not playing, you also have to seal off the soundhole and close up the inside of your guitar so that you effectively create a greenhouse. You may even consider using two humidifiers (ask us about the quick-pinch sponge and plastic bag fix). Lightly tape a plastic bag over the soundhole of your guitar if you're inclined to leave it out of its case; better yet, return it to its case every time your done playing it.

Guitar tops start to constrict, shrink, and possibly split or crack. Your frets may stick out of the edges of the fretboards and your necks can back-bow pulling the strings too close to the frets causing buzzing. These symptoms aren't to be overlooked and only the lucky few slip through winters like this without any consequences.

Remember, it's a winter wonderland and a winter desert out there so don't let either of you get dehydrated!

Here's the simplest,low-tech fix for your hydration issues: 

Sandwich bag and small sponge (can be a dish sponge, unused)
Run sponge under water, wring out and place in bag, put bag inside guitar body and close in case or cover soundhole with plastic or paper.