Monday, January 20, 2020

Rare 1937 Martin 000-18 & 1918 Gibson A-model mandolin

 We hesitate to say 'once in a lifetime' about the '37 000-18 that just came in the shop last week on consignment but it's highly unlikely you'll see another one on our hooks again. Extensive repairs have been done in its past by Martin Guitars and an authorized technician. The instrument is stable and plays fine with a new set of .11's installed. The price reflects the condition and is fairly reasonable considering how lofty these guitars can get.


The 1918 Gibson A-model is a player's mando with full, commanding tone. Condition is a little rough with a flatter than usual top but repairs were done to fortify the instrument sometime in its past. Another good reason to play a vintage instrument for its tone and vibe, not its price tag.

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